Different Techniques On Playing Singing Bowls

Being able to know the basics of playing a singing bowl is somewhat and easy procedure but, this musical instrument is capable of creating more varieties and interesting sounds if played with the right technique. The Wah-Wah as well as Water technique are the 2 popular methods that are used in playing the bowl. Being able to learn about this can make your experience of playing it more interesting and enjoyable.

Number 1.Wah-Wah Technique - to start with this said technique, you can begin it by singing the bowl in the most basic way, which is by running a mallet around the bowl's rim until you notice that it is producing a steady and even sound. Then after, release the mallet from the bowl because at this point, the sound must still reverberate even after you've removed the mallet. Life the bowl to your mouth level and mouth the syllables wah-wah hence, the name of this technique.

Basically, there's no need to say these words aloud since the simple act of opening and closing your moth is enough in modifying the sound produced by the singing bowl. Consider experimenting with the varying space between your mouth as well as the outside of the rim changes the sound and you might notice that if you turn the singing bowl at SilverSkyImports.com , there's going tob e spots where the sound is louder naturally than the others.

Number 2. Water Technique - when doing this technique, you'll need to put a little bit of water inside the bowl. The amount of water that's needed is going to vary but a nice start is around  3/4  inch of water. But as you try to put water in the bowl, be careful not to get the bowl wet most especially its rim. Too much water on the other hand is going to cause interference when doing this technique so be prudent as you fill the bowl.

After adding enough amount of water, you can now start singing the bowl by using basic around the rim technique. As soon as the bowl started to sing with a clear and even tone, pull the mallet away from your bowl. Then after, start to tilt the bowl and swirl the water inside. If it's done right, this is going to produce a sound that seems like dolphins are singing.

These techniques are capable of producing unique and beautiful music right from your Silver Sky Imports singing bowls that you've never heard before as long as they're done correctly. So keep on practicing in playing your bowls.